Also known as butterhead, Boston, and Bibb lettuce - butter leaf lettuce has a soft, buttery texture with a sweet, mild flavor. Heads form in a small, round, loose shape and they are rich in calcium, potassium and vitamins.


how to choose

When looking for butter leaf lettuce, choose heads where the leaves are loose and bright green in color. Avoid heads that show signs of wilting, or have yellow/brown discoloration.

how to prepare

Wash before using. The leaves of butter leaf lettuce are often fragile, so wait to dress them until right before serving.


how to store

Butter leaf lettuce is fragile and the leaves can wilt quickly. Store washed and dried lettuce in the refrigerator in a perforated bag for up to five days.

where we grow

We grow butter leaf lettuce year round using the conventional growing method in Salinas and Santa Maria, California from April through December and in Yuma, Arizona from December through March.