Green onions are young shoots of the bulb onions. They have a small, white base with long, dark green, hollow tube-like stalks. Both the white and green parts are edible. Green onions have a sweeter, milder taste than the larger onion bulb, and adapt well to many different cuisines and seasons.


how to choose

Look for green onions with green, crisp tops and firm white ends. Avoid onions with wilted tops, that are discolored or decaying.


how to prepare

Wash green onions in a sink of cool water. Trim the roots and about two inches off tops and discard. Chop the remaining piece - both the white part and green part can be eaten - and enjoy in a saute or salad.


how to store

Do not rinse green onions until right before use. Remove any rubber bands and damaged leaves, then refrigerate them in a tightly closed plastic bag up to one week. Store away from odor sensitive foods as they will absorb the odor of the onion.

where we grow

Our cilantro is available year round. We grow using the conventional growing method in Salinas and Santa Maria, California, April through November, and in Scottsdale, Arizona from December through March.  Pure Pacific organic cilantro is grown in Salinas, California, May through November, and in Scottsdale, Arizona from November through April.